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Ocarina of Time - Forest Temple

As a fan of both Lego and Nintendo, I could not help but be excited about the recent collaborations between the two firms.

I suggest here a set that is both decorative and fun to play with. It is the central elevator in the main room of the Forest Temple around which the Poe sisters can be seen spinning. I designed a crank mechanism to give the illusion that the spirits are flying in circles.

Joelle, Beth, Amy and Meg are recognizable by their colors and the shape of their faces. The different colors of Lego flames gave me the idea to build this room. The simplicity of Nintendo 64 games' low-poly graphics are a perfect match with Lego relative blockiness.

You can open the box to play in the boss room and fight Phantom Ganon, riding his ghostly horse. He is surrounded by the paintings in which he can blend at will. I used Photoshop to make Meg’s flames purple and inlay the paintings into the frames. The set also includes a heart container, a Stalfos and a compass.

This idea pays homage to one of the greatest games of all time. Even for people unfamiliar with the license, the crank system is still fun to use.

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