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Ogel 4-Seat Car


This project was inspired by the thought of how cool it would be to have a four-seater lego car wich still fits on the normal lego street plates, so it was not supposed to be wider than 8 studs and as it should be able to fit two cars side by side, this model was supposed to be even smaller.

And that is how I came up with the Idea of a 7 studs wide car with an axis that is only 4 bricks wide, so that the tires which are a about one and a half bricks wide would not turn it into an 8 studs wide model. Later I did some research on four-seater Lego cars and found out that someone else already came up with this idea a few years earlier but he didn't build a roof on his car and he didn't took care of the axis with the tires on them, which are 8 studs wide and not 7 as they have to be if you want to be able to fit two cars side to side to each other on a normal lego street plate.

The back of the car opens as it can  be seen in picture no. 6 and the top of the car is very easy to remove as it is only held by the front window and some studs in the back which can be seen in picture no. 4. Some parts of the technique I've been using to create the smaller axis can be seen in picture no. 5. The silver metallic flat round 1x1 plate on the front and the back of the car should be a printed peace with the word "Ogel" on it. The first Lego only car brand in the world.

I think it is  a pity that over the years Lego already has released two-seated cars but has not continued on this line. Together we can change this and bring out a car which has not just seats for two but for four minifigures, but to do this I need your support.

Vote to support this creation if you agree that a four-seated would be a great addition to every childs playworld(and of course also to any adults playworld ;-)

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