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Micro Sphinx


Thousands of years old, the Great Sphinx of Giza is the world's oldest known monument of its kind. Instantly recognizable all over the world, it's well-suited to join the ranks of modern landmarks already making up the "Architecture" series of Lego.


Basic info:

Dimensions: Length 13cm, width 13cm, Height 7cm

Pieces: 105


Model description:

I built this model very quickly using only a container of parts of the same colour.

I was aiming to avoid symmetry in the finished product, so used lots of small slopes and plates in different ways. These angles and layers also give the appearance of erosion and age, fitting for a statue like the Sphinx. I used two different types of "headlight" brick to give the impression of the damaged face.

At just over 100 pieces, this model is of a similar part-count to smaller Architecture sets like Willis Tower or the Space Needle. Although not a playable model, I made it structurally sound enough to survive transport and handling.


The Great Sphinx has stood guard over the Pyramids for thousands of years. With ten thousand votes, my Micro Sphinx has the chance to become a real set and stand guard over display cases and desks the world over!

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