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Steampunk Betty (Emerald Night Redux)


Blast into action with Steampunk Betty and her very own War Machine!

The Emerald Night steam train is back is this amazing reimagining that comes complete with pose-able limbs, twisting torso and enough new features and details to transform the once great steam train into a now great war machine. Light em' up and blast away! Remove the cockpit and allow Betty to use the dials and levers that control the machine's six barrel gatling gun, flamethrower, furnace, and a fixed tender. Unlock the tool safe to maintain the many joints, fans, wheels and cogs that bring this marvellous steampunk beast to life - there is no shortage of amazing details and pose-ability! 

  • Includes Steampunk Betty mini figure with rifle, helmet and goggles
  • Re-visit the Emerald Night Steam train like you have never seen it before!
  • War machine features moveable limbs, torso and intricate modular design
  • Includes tool 'safe' with lock and combination detail, tools, pistol and scimitar 
  • Ball joins allow you to dynamic pose the war machine for battle, standby, shut down or repair
  • Cockpit features removable roof, detachable pistol and two extra rifles
  • War machine measures 22cm high when standing tall 
  • Light the furnace and the flamethrower with the fire pieces! 
  • War machine features the green and gold slope pieces that made the Emerald Night so iconic
  • Includes two barrels to feed the battling gun and furnace 


Photography by Emmy

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