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Children from space are very smart for their age. Some are assigned missions to develop the skills they will need as members of the space community.
This is the case of Buzzy, the responsible for testing the BabyMech: the new mecha model for children. There were some doubts about choosing him, because although he is very prepared, he has a reputation for doing any mischief for a soda drink (and for expressing himself artistically where he shouldn't). Will it be a good idea or a disaster? Time will tell.
PuppyTron the robo-dog is the ideal pet for space kids, and he's also an excellent guardian in a pinch. Sometimes he gets a little lost when follows the smell of a new bone, but never goes too far in case he has to come go back quickly.
The little Keep-Beep is responsible for ensuring that the most naughty children don't get into trouble. Some say he's too serious, but his job isn't easy, especially considering he has no arms and his only vocabulary is “Beep-Beep.” Still, Keep-Beep has noticed that people are much more smiling with him since he went offline to install his latest update. Finally their work is recognized!

About the design:
The idea of making a mecha for children came from the Minifigure Baby Carrier piece (37822), which I thought was an excellent cockpit. When I saw that the oxygen cylinders on the baby space helmet didn't fit, I discarded the piece, but not the idea itself.
Of course, the design is also inspired by the classic Exo Suit (21109), which is the set that got me interested in LEGO. The yellow can is a tribute to the cylinders of the same color that the Exo Suit carries.
Technically, one of the challenges of working on a relatively small scale has been making the design solid. For this I have used several brackets joined together by other pieces as reinforcement.
As for the presentation, my initial idea was to use a photographic composition as a background. But in order to ensure 100% authorship of the project, I have finally created an illustration from scratch. I hope you like it!

The design as a set:
I think the BabyMech would be a great set to carry out all kinds of space adventures and naughtiness, whether it's making great accidental discoveries or embarrassing the adults in front of newly discovered ancient civilizations.

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