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Pursuit of Flight


9000 Supporters!

A huge thanks to everyone who has supported so far. Less than 1000 left to go! Based on the recent support rate, chances seem pretty good this will make it into the next review period starting in a few months. To celebrate, I thought it would be cool to go back to where it all began and build a version of the model featuring the Wright Flyer.


Happy Holidays!

A huge thanks to everyone who has suppored this project this year. Here's a version of this model with Santa and his Reindeer flying over a micro scaled winter landscape. I wish everyone a great holiday season and a happy new year!


5000 Supporters!

In celebration of hitting 5000 supporters, here's one of the original World War I flying aces, in his trusty Sopwith Camel. Thanks so much for all the support!



Spinning Propellers

First of all, a huge thanks for all the support so far! We've already passed 1000 supporters, which is a big first milestone. There is still a long way to go, but we are off to a great start.

I've already received a lot of great feedback on the project, and one of the most common requests is to get the propellers of the planes spinning. That would be quite a challenge at this scale, but I agree, it does look a little odd to have stationary propellers while the planes are flying.

I decided to try the old trick of using a tranparent dish to represent spinning propellers and I think it looks pretty cool. What do you think?