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Slotcar convertible fun car

It does work!

A slot car only with Lego Bricks and some slot car equipment - no screws

Front axle: Shaft - Carrera “27261 Audi R10 TDI Winner Le Mans 2007”,
Wheel rim - Carrera “27380 McLaren M20 "No. 3" Interserie, ‘74”
Tires: Carrera “27380 McLaren M20 "No. 3" Interserie, ‘74”
Rear axle: Carrera “27368 McLaren M20 "No.8" '74”
Tires: Front tires, rotated Inside to Outside – Carrera “27380 McLaren M20 "No. 3" Interserie, ‘74”, Powerslot – Hummer H1
Guide Keel: Carrera Exclusiv “85103”
Electric motor: Carrera E200 Evo Formel 1 ”89561“

Bearings: MB SLOT axle bearing of brass Ø 4,8mm with hump for Ø 2,38mm shaft

Alternative axle bearings are not for racing, only for normal driving.

Use Lego Connector Peg and cut it on one side (White cross).
Pos. 01 Used for the rear axle: Cut two connectors at the black line.

Pos. 02 Used for the front axle: At this project: The axle width of the front axle is nearly 37,5 mm. The width of a Lego Plate 4x8 is 32 mm. x = 1,5 mm. Cut now two connectors at the black line.


Pos. 03: Plate 2x4 with a self- drilled hole. The mounting clip diameter from the used guide keel is Ø 4 mm.

Pos. 04: Plate 4x8 (Ground plate), I removed the knobs marked with a white cross. The space is needed for the electric motor. The motor shaft and the rear wheel axle have to be aligned. To fix the e-motor in the frame, I used a distance plate of a Carrera magnet.

Modifications, frame, guide keel

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