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Rush: Le Studio

This is the famous Le Studio, in Quebec, Canada, as seen in Rush's Tom Sawyer music video. I began work on this project as soon as I heard about Neil Peart's death. I wanted to honor Neil's life and work, as well as Rush's. This would be an excellent Lego set, because it can serve as a playset for the younger Rush fans, as well as a display piece for the older fans.

A lot of effort went into the detail work, especially capturing Neil's kit to my satisfaction, as well as the snowy landscape seen in the opening shot.

This set is made up of 402 pieces, built on a base measuring 32x32 studs. It includes three figures, being (left to right) Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and the late, great, Neil Peart.

I will soon have images of the build with physical parts. I have also begun work on the prints of the figures.

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