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The Swamp Shack


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Introducing The Swamp Shack.

First, here are the stats:
Pieces: 769 
Software Used:
Time It Took To Build: 5 to 8 Hours

Here are some facts about the set itself:
Setting: A sticky, soggy swamp.
Time Period: Medieval Times.
Story: One day, a woodsman wanted to go on a grand adventure to get away from society. He headed out into a soggy swamp and built himself a nice shack in the woods.

This set includes many unique features. On the left, a great willow tree arises from the saturated ground. Constructed using over 15 sloped pieces, the trunk twists its way up to the peak, where the leaves thrive and droop to the ground. I also made a model on Lego Ideas that has the willow tree only. If you would like to check it out and support it, you can go to this link (Note: The tree in this build, and the tree in my other build, have a couple of differences, they are not completely the same):

A small pool of mud sits near the tree, and it waits patiently for it to be stepped in. Bubbles develop on the surface of the muck, giving it the impression that something lives in it. 

Near the front of the build, stands the woodsman chopping a small sapling. Wielding an ax and suspenders, this woodsman is prepared for anything that might come his way. The tree he is chopping has a small "nick" in it (a small gap where the trunk pieces aren't connected), giving it the impression he has hacked at it a couple of times. 

A "Keep Out" sign stands guard in front of the shack, insuring that the woodsman stays completely isolated in the swamp. 

A campfire is blazing near the cave, keeping the woodsman warm on cold days. 

A cave rests near the right of the house, made over 20 different sloped pieces. Inside, lay the bones of a decaying creature, and a small nugget of gold. The cave top can be easily removed for more accessible play. 

The swamp shack itself includes a door, one room inside (finely decorated), a textured roof, and a little attic where several spiders reside. The swamp's roof can be opened, exposing the attic (see picture). The middle roof section can also be removed easily since it is only connected with four studs. 

Inside the shack, you can find a table for writing letters, a moose head hanging on the wall, a chest with food inside, a coatrack, a large carpet covering the gray floor, and another table with a dagger and a drink resting atop of it. 

If you have any questions about the build, please say so in the comments below, and I will respond to them as soon as I am able. Feel free to check out the other pictures and hit the support button! Thanks so much!


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