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Would you like to build, display, or gift a LEGO Poinsettia? Please consider supporting my idea proposal, so we can enjoy another beautiful botanical LEGO set - Poinsettia.

Why I built and believe in a LEGO Poinsettia

Building LEGO sets and my own creations has been a life long hobby of mine. When I look for inspiration in custom projects I search for things that I think will be recognizable and enjoyed by others. Moving into the holiday season, I focused my brainstorming on the Botanical Collection and Winter Village/ Seasonal themes, as both themes have established fans and continue to attract new people into building LEGO. Knowing the success of these themes and how these plants are very popular during the holidays - with their iconic red leaves and festive cheer - a poinsettia seems like the perfect addition to LEGO’s product catalog, so I built one!

About the Model

The build can be divided into two main parts - the pot and the plant. The core of the pot is similar to the one in the Orchid set 10311, as the pot’s genius design creates a smooth, circular shape. I chose to wrap the pot with metallic Gold Ink LEGO elements to capture a familiar, yet premium aesthetic reminiscent of how poinsettias are sold in stores.

The stems of the plant are constructed with Earth Green Technic elements used throughout the Botanical Collection. I spent the most time determining the shape and size of the leaves (bracts) to replicate the fullness of the plant. There are four different sizes getting smaller towards the top of the plant with a total of 12 green and 32 red bracts.

Model dimensions Height: 9.5in/24.1cm. Diameter: 9in/22.9cm.

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