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Adventure in the Graves of the Ancient Kings


This and the other mine projects were born from my passion for LEGO CASTLE sets and for the fantasy world.

My ideas come from what I would like to see on toys shop’ s shelves to implement my collection.

This set is built using LDD and represents the adventorous trip of a knight in the ancient king’s ruin graves, to find a legendary golden sword.

There are 6 minifigures in this set: 1 knight, 1 skeleton knight and the skeleton of the king in the grave (with the legendary sword buried with him) and other 3 like ancient kings sculptures (Pic. 10).

Are also present many animals like a crocodile, a scorpion, a bat, a spider and a rat.

The set is structured like a trip with a starting point (the stairs on the left part of the set, Pic. 1) and an ending point (the openable wall behind the king’s grave, Pic. 2) with a lot of dangers and traps along the road.

After the stairs, the knight must avoid to be cutted by the pendant axe upon him (you can activate this traps leaving the black lance form the hole, Pic. 3 and Pic. 4). So the knight has to use the green pendant branch to reach the aisle between the two buildings (Pic. 3-4). In this location he has to avoid the rolling  black blades (that you can activate moving the marron wheel close to the building near the starting stairs, Pic. 2) climbing the rock wall and using the branches (Pic. 5).

If your knight will survive, he can use the other brown stairs to arrive on the oscillating bridge (with the skeleton knight still clinging on hit, Pic. 6).

Using the chains, the hero will climb the tower and arrive on a little terrace near another grey stairs. Here is possible to activate a manhole (leaving the black lance in the hole) able to put the knight in the water moat, just in the mounth of the crocodile (Pic. 7).

Arrived in front of the graves cave, the last trap is the giant stone that will fall down if you move the hammer behind that (Pic. 8).

In the cave, the knight will find the kings graves with the king’s statues on them and, in the central one, he finally can find, just under the king skeleton, the legendary sword (Pic. 9).

Taken the sword, he can leave through the mobile wall the ruins.

The set is made up of 1204 bricks.

If you trust that this project could be reality, 10.000 thanks to you for your vote! Enjoy!

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I hope you like this project and any feedback is appreciated. If interested please check out my other projects and support if you like below:

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