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High Railway Bridge [LDD]

The model is built based on the same construction principles as the Leonardo da Vinci self-supporting bridge.

The bridge is 3½ standard LEGO rails long and 14 elements high, which means it is high enough for trains to also run under the bridge if desired.

Of particular features is the use of Technic beams to adapt to Leonardo da Vinci's construction principle of the bridge and can be used for learning math and geometrics.

All new stickers prints are drawn in Microsoft PowerPoint, and they are adapted to LDD's standard size.
The model consists of 645 pieces.

Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519) constructed many different types of machines and also this movable/portable wooden bridge.

A bridge of similar construction built by Gustave Eiffel exists in Corsica for the railways in Corsica.

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