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Penguin Quest 1: The Great Chase


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Penguin Quest is my original LEGO IDEA about a brave young penguin's journey through the arctic interior.

Peet the penguin has left the comfort of his cozy fishing town to find his lost father. With a compass and telescope to guide him, Peet must stay one step ahead of the dastardly Orca Gang if he hopes to unravel the mystery of his father's lost expedition to find the Temple of The Golden Fish.

The Great Chase is the first chapter of Peet's adventure. Just beyond the safety of his village Peet finds himself lost in a snowstorm. He is rescued from the cold by Liz the yeti and her Dogsled team. Liz wants to help Peet find his father and the two become fast friends as they set off into the unknown. But danger is never far behind. Baron Von Bill and his Orca Gang will stop at nothing to find the Temple of the Golden Fish and now they are after our heroes with a fleet of high-tech machines like the Orca Dropship and SealMobile.

It will take all of Liz's rugged skill to evade the Orcas and guide her huskies through glacial crevasses and perilous blizzards as they follow the stars in Peet's telescope, and the compass in his heart.

The set includes:
-Liz's Dogsled
-Four Huskies
-Peet the Penguin
-Liz the Yeti
-Baron Von Bill
-Six Orca Gangmembers
-Orca Dropship

There are numerous accessories and play features to be found in the set. On the Orca Dropship there's a hot cocoa station in the cockpit with a serving window and a serving tray that slides out between the "ski-lift" style seats so the Orcas can fuel up on cookies and cocoa. There's also storage for the Orca Gang's snowboards as well as safety bars that lift or lower with the twist of a knob and much much more. I did my best to depict all the little features and details in my images.

I hope you enjoy this idea :). Feel free to ask questions if you have any. I have plans for more sets in this theme and I hope to continue the story soon.

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