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The Legend of Zelda Icons

The Legend of Zelda is a series of games revolving around Link going on an adventure to save the world. In most games, he aides Princess Zelda of Hyrule against the evil Ganondorf; however, there are some games where Link either saves a different land than Hyrule or the evil that Link faces is not Ganondorf.

The timeline for the Legend of Zelda games begins with Skyward Sword. In that game, Link goes around the world trying to find Zelda while the two of them also try to stop the return of the evil Demise. Link soon has to face Demise in combat and when Demise is defeated, he curses Link and Zelda to constantly reincarnate to fight an evil that will constantly appear in the future. Most of the time, that evil is Ganondorf, who has reincarnated several times along side Link and Zelda. The reason for this is because Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf represents, and sometimes posses, 1 of the 3 sides of the Triforce.

The Triforce is a source of ultimate power in the Legend of Zelda games. Those who are pure of heart that gain the Triforce can usher in a Golden Age. If someone with an evil heart aquires the Triforce, they will cause a Dark Age to spread throughout the world. Link represents the Triforce of Courage, Zelda represents the Triforce of Wisdom, and Ganondorf represents the Triforce of Power.

I designed this set after replaying a couple of Zelda games I own. This set currently has 2,908 pieces, but I hope to lessen it by updating the design later when I have some free time. This set has several things that are iconic to The Legend of Zelda games. The items I designed are the following:

  • Link: one of the most iconic characters of ther entire series. He is the only character to appear in every Legend of Zelda game. Included with Link is a small Master Sword and shield. You can also have the Master Sword in a pedistal so Link can pull it out like he does in the games.
  • Ocarina of Time: a musical instrument that has several different magical powers depending on which song you play. The Ocarina of Time even has the power to allow the player to travel through time.
  • Navi: a fairy is often in The Legend of Zelda games; however, Navi was specifically in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Fairies have been traveling companions for Link in a few games. Fairies are also often used to restore health if caught in a bottle.
  • Rupees: the curency of The Legend of Zelda series. I designed the green rupee which is has a value of 1, the blue rupee that has a value of 5, and the red rupee that has a value of 20.
  • Epona: Link's horse that he owns in several games. Link uses Epona to travel quicker through whichever land he is currently in.
  • The Crimson Loftwing: a giant bird-like creature that Link rides around on in Skyward Sword.
  • Midna's Helmet: one of the Fused Shadows that is a powerful artifact of the Twili people of the Twilight Realm. This item was in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and was worn by Midna.
  • Guardian: a robot that was originally created to help fight against Calamity Ganon. In Breath of the Wild, Ganon manages to currupt the Gaurdians and now uses them to attack all of Hyrule.
  • Majora's Mask: the main villian in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The mask is actually alive and has the spirit of Majora sealed inside. Whoever wears this mask will be possessed by the evil spirit of Majora.
  • Triforce: the ultimate power in The Legend of Zelda. I designed the Triforce so it can both act as a stand for the Master Sword and so it can detach and be its own piece.

I hope everyone enjoys this set as much as I enjoyed designing it.

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