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Almanac Mosaic Type.

Hello friends, I present my mosaic project for LEGO® ideas, I chose nothing more and nothing less than the almanac, which appears in the movie number 2 of back to the future, in that movie marty mcfly buys it to bet and win money,  having that information you could not lose, I think it is one of the best sagas and who would not like to have an almanac at home?

Nostalgics will be fascinated by the idea of having a copy of an almanac in their homes, I think it would be a great set to be assembled as a family, since it looks like a puzzle, in the almanac use 2356 pieces and on the receipt 479 pieces.  Which add up to 2835 pieces.

To appreciate it, it is necessary to move away a little, since the effect is best seen from afar.  I wanted to portray the almanac and its receipt, as they are elements of worship for fans of the saga.

  Since I'm a fan, I bought a replica of the almanac and its receipt some time ago, I always wanted to put together a mosaic but I don't have the pieces, so why not do it digitally?

  It would be a lot of fun putting it together, I assure you.
  I have no doubt that it will be a great set, and that many people will want to have it in their homes.

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