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Spinning Droid Heads!

I like My R2-D2 minifigure. In fact, I would say he is as cute as heck!

However, I can only pose him with his head pointed in one of four ways: forwards, backwards, left and right. What I would really love is to be able to spin his head around in any way I want. But alas, we're stuck with the old four-way.

But what if we could have a new body for Artoo and all his droid friends with a new mount for his silvery dome?

LEGO already makes a 2x2 turntable element. If they modified the top of the body just a little bit, it could accept the top of the turntable and then we would be able to pose our droids just that little bit more realistically!

Please vote for my project. If it gets through I am sure that Artoo would say, "Bleep-bloop," in appreciation.

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