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Giant Lord of the Rings Chess

Hey, guys. Over 150 Supporter, thank you all for that. Now with new pictures. Hope you like it ;-)

This is my first MoC (My own Creation).
It shows the Battle of Minas Tirith in a game of chess.
So, if you want to play the epic Battle of Pelenor Fields as breathtaking game of chess, then please support this project.


On one side of the chess board you find Minas Tirith, nearly half destroyed, that Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and the Army of Death try to defend.
On the other side you see the Ruins of Osgiliath, that reach to the River Anduin, from where the Orc Army starts their attack.

So, decide by yourself what side you choose in order to destroy the Capital City of Gondor or defend it with all your power.

Chess Pieces (Figures) :

Good ones

Pawns : Army of Death

Castle : Rook of Minas Tirith

Knight : Rohan Soldier with Horse

Bishop : Legolas and Gimli

Queen : Eowyn

King : Aragorn

Bad ones

Pawns : Orc Army

Castle : Rook of Attack

Knight : Warg and Horseman

Bishop : Soldiers of South

Queen : Gothmog (General of Orc)

King : Witch-King of Angmar

Between games you can play scenes from the book or from the movie on the borders of the chess board square.
The chess board square also can be removed easily in order to have the whole battle field area for playing the Battle of Minas Tirith in full dimensions.
After the game is over all chessmen-pieces can be stowed away easily under the chess board square till the next great game.

If you want to own this masterpiece with its 30 figures and some thousand LEGO pieces in order to have the magnificent top of your LEGO collection then support it by pushing the little green " Support " button ;)

Thank you very much!

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