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Mulan: Mushu

"I am the guardian of lost souls! I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestuctible Mushu!"

Well, not really. Mushu is the gaurdian spirit of the Fa Family. More specifically, he is the gaurdian spirit of Fa Mulan. When Mulan decided to take her dad's place in the army to fight off the Hun, her grandmother asks the Ancestors to watch over Mulan. This awakens the first Ancestor who then awkens Mushu to gather the other Ancestors buy ringing a gong.

Mushu at this point isn't a gaurdian spirit since he had messed up gaurding one of the other Ancestors. The first Ancestor orders Mushu to awaken the Great Stone Dragon to bring Mulan back; however, Mushu accidently destroys the statue. Mushu then pretends to be the Great Stone Dragon to trick the Ancestors before going to where Mulan is to not only help make Mulan a hero, but also grant him his status as a gaurdian spirit again.

Throughout the movie, Mushu's help often hinders Mulan and gets her in trouble. Eventually, Mushu realizes what he is doing is wrong after Mulan is exposed as being a girl. He then helps Mushu defeat Shan Yu, the leader of the Hun. Mulan is deemed China's bravest warrior while Mushu becomes gaurdian of the Fa Family once more.

In the second movie, Mushu is origianlly happy that Mulan and Li Shang are preparing to marry. That changes when the Ancestors tell him that if Mulan marries, Mushu would no longer he Mulan's gaurdian and will have to go back to gong duty. Throughout the second movie, Mushu tries to seperate Mulan and Li Shange; however, he soon comes to regret his actions when Mulan agrees to marry a prince so three princesses wouldn't have to marry. Mushu posses as the Golden Dragon of Unity and tricks the king into cancelling the marriage, allowing Mulan to marry Li Shang. Mushu goes home to the Fa Temple, preparing to return to gong duty when Mulan and Li Shang arrive to tell him that they plan to merge the to family temples so Mushu can remain as the faimly gaurdian.

I designed this set after Mushu suddenly popped into my mind while I was building a lego dragon set while a Disney movie was playing on my tv. Loving the dragon and being sad that he didn't appear in the live action Mulan movie, I decided to build him for Lego Ideas.

Mushu is extremly possible as you can move his arms, legs, neck, mouth, ears, and several joints in the body. I also included his gong for him to play.

Mushu has not only appeared in Mulan and Mulan 2, but he has also appeared in video games and Disney's House of Mouse. In the first movie, he is voiced by Eddie Murphy while in the second movie, he is voiced by Mark Moseley.

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