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LEGO Knesset Architecture Set

The Knesset is the Israeli parliament building. It is located in Jerusalem, Israel.
It is where the Israeli government passes all of its laws, elects the president, and supervises the work of the government via its committees. Foreign affairs, defense, health, culture, law, science, all are examples of committees which the Knesset supervises. 
The Knesset was founded in 1949, replacing the Provisional State Council, which was Israel's official legislature since May 14, 1948, which is when Israel finally got its independence. 

This LEGO model includes: the Knesset building, a small flowery area, and some flags. (please note that the flags cannot be easily identified as Israeli flags)

Details on the building itself include: 
  • poles on the sides of the building,
  • windows right under the roof,
  • stripes on the baseplate indicating the walkway to the Knesset,
  • a well detailed flower garden,
  • and the little roof above the doors.

As an Israeli, it hurt me to see no Israeli landmarks in the Architecture series. I decided to make it happen. I'm going to build an Israeli landmark. But which one? LEGO Ideas doesn't allow any religious stuff, so the Western Wall was out of the question. Then it hit me. I'll make the Knesset! It is a very famous building in Israel, and also well known around the world. 
So here it is in front of you.  

I think this would make a great set, because there are no Israeli places in the Architecture series, and it would make all the Israeli LEGO fans happy and proud to see it as a set. 
I also think that collectors would love to see new landmarks added to the Architecture series, and this would make a great addition. 

Specs: The build consists of 426 pieces, making a small and fun to build collectors piece. 
It is built on a 32x32 baseplate, which if you know how big it is, you know that it's really not that big, taking less space on your desk, shelf, or wherever you decide to put it. 

A 32x32 baseplate is 25.5cm by 25.5cm or 10in by 10in. 

Another thing to consider: while the baseplate isn't all that small, the Knesset building itself is only 22x12 studs. 

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