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Micro Scale Lava Fortress


Here is another medieval micro scene that I have been working on!  It is a micro scale lava fortress!  Unlike my other medieval micro scenes, which are based more off of the real world medieval times, this model is based mainly off of fantasy and fairy tale!  This model contains a very dark and evil-looking fortress, which is made up of five different sized towers.  The fortress sits on a rocky platform, which is surrounded by a lake of lava!  There is also a bridge that leads from the fortress to another smaller rocky platform.  Overall, I think this model turned out really nicely, and you can surely tell that someone very evil lives there! 

The reason I built this model is because I really like building micro scale medieval and fantasy Lego models.  I also really wanted to build some sort of evil looking model, because I haven't really done anything like that yet.  I also just wanted another fun and challenging Lego project, and I wanted to have another model that I could post as a product idea.

I think this model would make a great Lego set because medieval and fantasy have also been a big thing for Lego.  This model would also make a great display piece and would make a great set for any fan of Lego, fantasy, fairy tales, or of the medieval times.

Thanks for checking out my model and please support it.  Go and check out the other models that I have posted too!

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