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Minecraft Snowy Crystal Mountain


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I made a new Minecraft set made with Lego Digital Designers. It is called the Snowy Crystal Mountain. This set has a lot of crystals and I made 4 New never seen before Micro Mobs, they are called Mountain demons. And I made 3 Micro mob miners.

Here are the Micro Mobs. There are 3 Miners and 4 New never before seen Enemy mobs called Mountain Demons.

The Mountain Demons are the new enemy micro mobs I made for Minecraft. they are a bit bigger than other micro mobs (like Steve), they have 1 red eye, and they each have crystals on their heads. The Mountain Demons are aggressive and they can smash you with their hands and/or feet. They can use swords, and other weapons of choice.

The only way to take out those demons is to knock off their crystals on their heads.

These Micro mobs I made are triplets. They are brothers, their names are Phil, Tim, and Joe. (Phil on the left, Tim in the middle, and Joe in the right.) They were on the Snowy crystal mountain to dig for crystals. Then suddenly they were being attacked by the Mountain demons. But they were not afraid, They fought the mountain demons with their pic axes and battled them.

Joe figured out how to defeat the Mountain demons is by knocking their crystal off their heads.

Here they are in action. The 3 miners and 4 Mountain demons.

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