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LEGO/Robby the Robot(Forbidden Planet)

1956年のアメリカ映画「禁断の惑星」(原題:Forbidden Planet)に登場する世界一有名なロボット「Robby the Robot」のレゴ化プロジェクトです。
そういった想いが「LEGO® CUUSOO」とのコンセプトで活かせればと思っての今回の提案です。

This is a LEGO product suggestion for ‘Robby the Robot’, the world-famous robot from the classic 1956 SF movie ‘Forbidden Planet’.

When I showed this to my friends and others who like toys, I received many positive feedbacks telling me that they would want one, or would like to have one at home. But this Robby is a ‘one and only’. And on top of that, I have used some rare parts in the assembly which are hard to find nowadays.

But as this is made out of LEGO, I thought it should be right that they become available to people who like it and want to own it.

That’s the reason I am proposing this project through the concept of 「LEGO® CUUSOO」.

Thank you in advance for your support.

アンテナ部に使用してる「虫メガネパーツ」はレンズ無しの銀メッキのロビー用のパーツがあると再現度はもっと高まると思います。The ‘Magnifying glass’ parts used in the antennae should look better and accurate if there are parts without the lens and with chrome plating, exclusively for Robby.

キャノピー内部のメカはクリアーのパーツやシルバーのパーツで構成するともっとメカっぽくなると思います。ロビー用にそういった整形色のパーツを新たに作って頂くと嬉しいです。The mechanics inside the canopy should be more machine-like if they were built with clear parts or chrome plated parts. It would be great if such parts are made just for Robby.


I also built B9-Robo to go along with Robby.

Although this proposal is only for Robby, this is to show that a product lineup such as this is also possible.

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