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Passenger Jet


 This set idea includes a small passenger plane, an airport tower, a baggage cart and steps to get onto the airplane. It had 7 minifigures, the pilot, a business man, a business woman, two tarmac workers, the airport tower director, and a flight attendant, all with elaborate prints. The airplane includes tables with cups and chairs, as well as a back section with food and drink storage! It is a dual engine jet and has the engines in the back. It has a removable top so that the inside can be customized! It also includes wing and tail wing lights. The wing tips are adjustable and it has a door that can open! It can also be steered by the turning front wheel and would be very well balanced. This set will also come with a small baggage cart with baggage that can be stored in the back of the plane. It is pulled by a small car and holds about 10 small suitcases. The steps are also pulled by a small car on wheels and go right up to the door. The airport tower has an elevator to the second floor and a ladder to the top where there is a three - seat control room with the spinning antenna on top. This set has 870 pieces.


Build info: This set has 870 pieces and would be for ages 8-14. It includes four main models, a passenger jet a baggage carrier cartcar - pulled steps, and an airport tower. This is not a difficult build, but would require concentration.

This project has seven minifigures, a businessman, a businesswoman, the pilot, two tarmac workers, a tower director and a flight attendant.

It also includes suitcases for everyone to carry and cups that can be stored in the plane.

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