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Smart Modular Organizer


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This is a fully functional smart modular organizer for your desk, kitchen or even your couch or coffee table.

Smart means beautifully designed with mathematical precision to gather all of your favorite things into one central place.

Modular means it can be reorganized in multiple ways for multiple purposes.   Use it to put your mug while watching tv, create a beautiful zen garden for your desk, put all your valuable things in one place and more.  Your imagination is the limit.  

You can customize it easily by using the connectors on the sides of each box or moving the internal pieces to create different slots to hold your things.  



- Connectors on the sides to make it bigger or smaller.

- Internal pieces to rearrange the space in hundreds of ways.

- Nice colors that you can combine in the different boxes.

- Pen holder and phone holder for any kind of pen, phones and cases.

- A full box meassured for your post-its, notes and cards.

- Solid structure to hold any kind of things like phones, keys, post-its and more.


Let us know in the comments what would you use it for!

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