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Robinson Crusoe


The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

this book was written by Danief Defoe in 1719. the story is about Robinson Crusoe who lives in a wild island during 28 years after being saved during the sinking of his boat . He lived there with a dog, a cat, and survived with fishing and hunting

I loved this book when I was young, so that I spending long times to build cabins in my room and in the forest

I want today to recreate what I feel when I was reading this book

it's composed of more than 250 bricks

you can find :

- a wooden raft, a cabin, a hammock, a barbecue and a palm tree

- a Mini fig of Robinson with his animal friends

You will have lots of hours playing with this set, thinking of a lot of stories

The fans of the book can find a diorama can be exposed

I hope you will enjoy this set 



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