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Shack Attack


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Somewhere remote on the Ocean, an Isolated Shack exists where a young boy named Scott spends his summer holidays. This shack belonged to his grandfather Jason and his paternal lineage throughout several generations.

Every morning, Scott awakens and cooks up eggs on his little wooden stove for breakfast, then feeds his cat Loulou. Today, however, is a Monday - And every second Monday of the month, a seaplane is scheduled to arrive and deliver supplies.

Scott climbs up the crow’s nest to observe his surroundings with his binoculars - Calm waves, splendid weather and clear skies from which he spots the plane looming distantly.

Readying himself for the arrival, he raises the appropriate flags and signals and proceeds to zip down on the deck to meet the pilot, Clara. Clara is Scott’s aunt, and he happens to be her favorite nephew! After a short exchange, Scott stows all the supplies away and gets ready for Fishing aboard his boat.
He can feel it in the air - Today is his lucky day. The quarry will be good, he thinks to himself. And boy, did he haul up plenty! Surely this must be plenty for now, so why not cast his trusty rod one more, final time?
As he feels the line sink and suddenly tug, up jumps a great shark which suddenly snatches away all of his hard-earned catches!
“Oh well, tomorrow is another day” he mutters to himself, as the sun reaches the midday zenith. The heat bears down on him, so he makes his way back for a nice afternoon nap. As he wraps himself in his hammock, the gentle salty sea breeze, rustling of the waves and the cool shade of the palm tree above lull him to sleep.
The afternoon calls for some surfing on the tide, so Scott waxes his board and gets ready to ride the waves. Little did he know that his earlier visitor was still lurking nearby…
He catches a big wave, that bottom turn was sick bro!!!
As the sun sets and dusk approaches, he always feels inspired to play some fine-tunes with his trusty guitar, all the while gazing at the stars that gradually light up the twilight sky. A friendly seagull always gets entranced by his music, and so Scott dubbed him Noah.
When darkness engulfs the sky and the waters around, Scott settles on his cot to read a book gifted to him by his Grandpa, Moby Brick. Fatigue overtakes him and his eyes close, paving the way for gentle dreams.
When suddenly the shark jumps from below the shack and consumes everything.

Was it just a dream?

Hope you like it and support it!

*According to Bricklink all pieces and colors exist, except of a couple of unique and custom printed pieces.
** You can find more info and images in the video

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