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STAR WARS (EU) Grand Admiral Thrawn


LEGO - Grand Admiral THRAWN

(excerpt from wookiepedia)

Mitth'raw'nuruodo, better known by his core name Thrawn (pronounced /Thråwn/),[1] and misinterpreted as Mitthrawdo by Vicelord Siv Kav, was a male Chiss who served in the Imperial Navy and became the only non-Human Grand Admiral. He was regarded as the best military strategist in the navy, and despite the Empire's strict non-Human policies, rose to a position of power.

Thrawn served as an officer in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force for many years in the Unknown Regions, where he demonstrated his brilliance. However, many of Thrawn's ways were contrary to that of Chiss society that reject offensive and preventive strikes. In 27 BBY, he first met Palpatine, then Darth Sidious, after having destroyed one of his private taskforces. However, they agreed with the threat posed by the Unknown Regions, and most notably the Yuuzhan Vong. This informal agreement was sealed by the destruction of the Republic exploration ship Outbound Flight by Thrawn and the death of many Jedi.


In the following years, the Chiss officer continued his preventive strikes and he was exiled on an uninhabited world far in the fringes of Chiss space. In 19 BBY, soon after the Declaration of a New Order, Thrawn was discovered by Imperial Navy officer Voss Parck, who brought him to Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine, who had already learned of Thrawn and knew of his command skills, approved his admission into the Empire. Over time, Thrawn climbed the Imperial ladder, and circa 2 ABY became the thirteenth Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy. The Chiss officer spent most of his time in fighting the Rebel Alliance and secretly exploring the Unknown Regions. Thrawn pacified the region where he established a powerful political and military government: the Empire of the Hand.

The Grand Admiral was in the Unknown Regions during the Battle of Endor, which saw the death of Palpatine, and remained there for several years. The Empire was on the verge of collapse four years later, when Thrawn returned. He took control of the remaining Imperial forces with a plan to crush the Rebellion, now the New Republic. Although the Chiss Grand Admiral was able to deal the New Republic several mighty blows in a massive campaign in 9 ABY, he was unable to destroy the fledgling government. Thrawn perished in the Battle of Bilbringi at the hand of Rukh, his Noghri bodyguard, who had recently learned that the Empire had betrayed his people. Though Thrawn was dead, he would be remembered as the genius tactician, consummate strategist, and Imperial leader who nearly brought down the New Republic.



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