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The Legend of Korra - Republic City Patrol

The Legend of Korra is a sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, created by Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko.  Airing from 2012 to 2014, the series consisted of four seasons and built upon the fantastic world created in The Last Airbender.  It dealt with complex themes and emotional growth, becoming an important piece of media for young viewers.  Though nominated for many more, the series would go on to won multiple Annie Awards, a Daytime Emmy Award, and a Gracie Award.

And with 10,000 supporters, we can make a The Legend of Korra LEGO set a reality!

Seventy years have passed since Avatar Aang ended the Hundred Year War.  The new avatar, a young and rebellious Waterbender named Korra, is ready to take on the world.  Her first true tests as the Avatar prove to be more challenging than she expected, but with help from her friends there's nothing that she can't do.  The bending brothers Mako and Bolin, plus Asami of Future Industries, are ready to help Korra keep Republic City safe!

Words cannot sufficiently explain the effect which The Legend of Korra has had on me.  Frankly, the series consistently brings me to tears with not only its beautiful world and themes, but also its very real takes on mental health issues and personal growth.  Korra is a character whom I heavily relate to, and watching her growth throughout the series is not only a relatable experience, but one which has given me hope in times when I needed it.  The lessons found within this series are lessons which I believe to be important for everybody to be exposed to, including things like empathy, understanding, and personal responsibility.

But aside from all the gushy stuff, The Legend of Korra is also simply a beautiful story.  And one with fantastic characters, visuals, music, and drama.  The world is a better place with The Legend of Korra in it, and I would love the opportunity to help share its story with people through LEGO Ideas!

This project is my second real attempt at a proper, professional LEGO set and render.  The process was much quicker this time, and I was able to implement some improvements with the lessons I've learned!  While the Korra figure is a design which I've had around for a while, I created Mako, Bolin, and Asami specially for this project.  And I have a few more figure ideas to get to in the future as well!  While it was difficult to narrow down exactly how to represent this series as a whole, I feel confident that the four main characters and Asami's Satomobile are a great representation!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to view this project!  Please support and share to help us achieve our goal!

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