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The Odyssey


The Odyssey is a Deep sea exploration vehicle capable of reaching incredible depths. Take control over the ship and discover new things never seen before. Use the Rudder to steer the sub and play with 8 Minifigures!


  • 8 Minifigures (Driver, Captain, 4 Workers, Scientist, Deep Sea Diver)

  • Features: Motorized propeller, Movable rudder powered by LEGO Pneumatics and removable roof panels with fully decorated interior.   

  • Approx. 2000 pieces

This is a collaborative project between MrNavaStar and Happyday8111. We spent a good 10-12 hours making it perfect. When we were admiring it, we broke the front off, and unfortunately, forgot how it was built. So it took us another good half hour to fix it. We were inspired to build this as we were looking though a book on German U Boats, but as we wanted to post it on LEGO IDEAS, it couldn’t be war related. So we settled on an exploration submarine. we believe this would make a great LEGO set because of its many play features such as removable panels, moving parts, and it has lots of detail.  

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