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The Nightmare Before Christmas - Halloween Town


Piece Count

I've had quite a few enquiries regarding how many pieces the project was made up of so I decided to bite the bullet and have a go at counting the whole set.  As I free built the model I had made each section separately and only joined them together towards the end so it only took the afternoon to count them up.  The whole build comes in at around 1250 - 1300 pieces which includes 100 1x1 trans greeen plates for the fountain water and around 150 tiles to create the cobblestone effect. 


Merry Christmas All

Wishing you all a Merry Nightmare Before Christmas, thanks for the support so far.


5000 Supporters and Free Jack's Sleigh Instructions

We've made it to the halfway point in just 6 weeks!  Thank you to all those who have added their support so far - If all 5000 of you could just ask, tell, bribe, a friend to do the same we'll be done in no time.

Seriously though - thanks. It means so much to me that so many have supported so far. As a thank you to those who wish to make their own little momento of The Nightmare Before Christmas I've designed a build for Jack's Christmas Sleigh with a full parts list and Instructions if you fancy making your own.

Thay can be downloaded for FREE from the Belle-Ve Bricks website here!


We've gone and Captured Sandy Claws!

After the response I got from building Zero's crypt kennel I thought I'd have a play around and add a few more additional scenes to accompany the main build. So here's Lock, Shock & Barrel kidnapping 'Sandy Claws' in their walking bathtub.


2500 Supporters!!! 1/4 of the way there.

Hi All,

To mark the occasion of passing over 2500 supporters in just over 2 weeks I've added Zero's Crypt from the film to accompany the main set.
Hope you like it. Although not an exact match "Spencer' the Ghost dog from the hidden side sets makes a good likeness for Jacks Dog Zero.


1000 supporters in 7 days

I just wanted to thank all that have supported this project so far. I've been blown away by the response and to hit the 1K milestone in just under a week is a huge achievement. I really am grateful to each and every one of you.


Original Build Video

Here's the original video I submitted for the build competition Halloween Town was entered in. - Enjoy