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Music Shop

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Music Shop and Modern Apartment

I started this project early January, having been inspired to build my own modular building. My project was influenced by New York-styled buildings as well as Georgian architecture. I put a lot of research and effort into this project, from the furniture to the architecture. This is actually my 3rd version of this project. The first one I scrapped after about 5 days. My second attempt started to look promising but about halfway through the project, the IO file got corrupted and I had to start from scratch.

I was devastated but I didn't quit. My third version was loosely based on the second one, as I was trying to remember how everything looked. Certain aspects I changed and others were also added. It was quicker this time, as I knew how I wanted the project to look. After about 15 hours of building I finally completed it!

The numbers next to the paragraph will show you what pictures the paragraph is about.

(3,4)The top floor of the Music Shop
This floor is an office for a vlogger. It contains an orange couch, a camera with a tripod, shelves with random objects and a desk that is held up by chains. There are also stairs that lead to the roof.

(5,6)The top floor of the modern apartment
This floor is a bedroom. It contains a modern bed with shelves, a dresser, some paintings and a bathroom with a toilet and a sink.

(7,8)The second floor of the Music Shop
This floor is a ballerina class. It contains a bench, a table, a display shelf with trophies and a big mirror with bars.

(9,10)The second floor of the modern apartment
This floor is a kitchen/dining area. It contains a kitchen counter with a stove and sink, an island with three stools, a fridge and a table with four seats. As well as some paintings.

(11,12)The Music Shop
As you will see in the picture, the wall on which the instruments hang is decorated to look like sheet music staves. This floor contains a counter, instruments(namely guitars, a saxophone, a bugle and an electric piano), a boombox and mics.

(13,14)Ground floor of modern apartment
This floor is a living area. It contains two chairs, two tables, a couch, a coffee table, a TV, two lights and some paintings.

It's something fun to build and it looks realistic. It contains a lot of detail and different/odd building techniques. I am very proud of this project and I hope that you like it.

Pieces: 2 943

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