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Hundertwasser House

Every city should have a building by Friedensreich Hundertwasser!

In his architectural style, Hundertwasser was known for and aspired to obtain and enable uniqueness, individuality and fantasy. His style is creative, colorful and there are few right angles and straight lines - which is only vaguely achievable with Lego. But other characteristics of his buildings can be imitated without great effort, such as the many plants on different levels of the building, the colorful and uniquely shaped pillars, the bulbous spires, asymmetry, many windows (which incidentally provide an opportunity for even more individuality since the inhabitants are encouraged to freely design, e. g. paint, the space around their windows as far as their arms can reach outside), much gold, abstract shapes and lines and of course the massive amount of mosaic art.

This model is loosely based on several different real buildings by Hundertwasser, such as the famous Hundertwasser House in Vienna. Your Minifigures can live, love, laugh, create and socialize inside.

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