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MacGyver Brickfigures


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Hello, and welcome to the MacGyver Brickfigures project!  The characters are, (from left to right)  Peter Thornton, MacGyver, Murdoc as seen in the episode Widowmaker, and Jack Dalton.

Pete comes with a phone and is dressed in his grey suit.  MacGyver is dressed in his normal everyday clothes, and comes with a Swiss Army Knife.  Murdoc has his flamethrower and camo jumpsuit.  Last but not least is Jack; he has a paper airplane and is wearing his pilot outfit.

This set consists of 469 pieces:  Pete is 120, MacGyver is 116, Murdoc is 119, and Jack is 114.

If you support this project it has a chance to become a real LEGO set!  So please support, comment, and follow.

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