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City In Outer Space

I built this because LEGO stopped making alien-related sets like the ones from the space police theme. This will make a great set because it is easy to build, it's colorful, and there are many details.

This build has 2601 pieces and 12 minifigures: the spaceship pilot, the alien mechanic, the mechanic's assistant, the mayor, the mayor's assistant, the police chief, a police officer, the diner waitress, and three criminals. There are also three mechanic droids which are buildable figures

Floor 1 is the mechanic shop. In the larger room, the spaceship can fit inside. In this room, there is also a mini crane, a vending machine, a water dispenser, and a charging area for the robots. The smaller room is an office/ waiting room for the mechanic's shop. There is a sectional couch, another water dispenser, and a desk. There is also an elevator that goes to floor 2

Floor 2 has a juice bar and a landing pad. The juice bar has six seats and four different flavors of juice. Floor 2 also has the police station which has four cells and an office with a desk and bulletin board. There are also stairs that lead to Floor 3.

Floor 3 is the Diner which includes a booth, two tables, three comfy chairs, a jukebox, a gumball machine, and a grill

Floor 4 has two rooms: one is the mayor's office and the other is an apartment with a bed, shelf, microwave, and cabinet

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