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Subnautica - Reaper Leviathan Attacks


Hi, I am submitting my first set today! This is a set from the game "Subnautica", where you crash land on an alien ocean planet. You must survive and escape!

The story of this set is a bit of a make-believe situation; You are litterally just starting a new world and made a knife when a Reaper Leviathan attacks! Grab your knife and get ready to swim and fight. Or you could just hide in your escape pod.

This set was made with LEGO Digital Designer on Mac. Please keep in mind this set is VVEERRYY simple because I have not had that much experience with LDD.


This set includes:


  • 1 Reaper Leviathan
  • 1 Player w/knife
  • 2 Peepers


  • Knife x1
  • Helmet w/scuba mask x1
  • Escape Pod x1
  • Flippers/fins x2 (1 set)

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