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Police Truck


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Police Truck

About the Model

Police Truck is an aerodynamic vehicle designed to give builders the chance to:

Build an average-size model (or mid-size model – around 500 parts) but capable of including more than average Technic Functions (or combination of Functions)

Main features:

Strong Power Steering (Parts: 4610378+6145859)

Transmission with Differential + Cardan (standard) (Part: 4525904)

Rear Suspension

Motorized: L Motor + M Motor + Infrared Port + Battery Box (Easy to be removed) + Remote Control (Infrared)

Why I built it

I came up with a project consisting of planning a model containing key mechanical parts (parts interconnected which can potentially create movement) in a mid-size context.

Mid-size Lego Sets are the limit to where most teenagers can reach as some parents don´t see value beyond that point or simply can´t afford to buy bigger sets.

And since many of us (experienced builders today) have developed a strong connection to Lego Technic while we were teenagers, the importance of a more complete Technic experience at that age, seems to be clear.

The better an experience can be for a teenager the more likely it is that he/she continues increasing skills and affection to Lego Technic in the future.

Therefore I would like to promote this vision as I was, back in time, a teenager in a similar situation. 

Why I believe it would make a great Lego Set.


It has a well-built structure, but not heavy.

It presents a modern yet conventional design. (it can be associated with real life)

It is not over-engineered. (relatively easy to build)

It is Educational in both ways, there are principles of mechanics involved as well as good values (a Police orientated theme is connected to the concept of protecting the community).

And all in all, Police Truck has been designed to stamp a long-term footprint in the lives of teenagers worldwide.

Thank you!

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