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Coffee Roaster & Bakery

Welcome to your neighborhood Coffee Roaster & Bakery. Come and enjoy a hot cup of fresh roasted coffee, a delicious baked treat, and put your feet up with a game or today's news or sit outside under the heat lamps!

I love LEGO 32x32 modular builds, as well as detailed interiors, baked goods, and coffee... so building a Coffee Roaster & Bakery was an easy choice!

The downstairs is a bakery and coffee shop with cozy indoor seating, art, games, and reading materials as well as heated outdoor seating. Upstairs, you'll find the coffee roaster (with unroasted beans as well as beans of different roasts in bags ready to be shipped) as well as the office and restroom.

I hope you enjoy the coziness of this build and will support it!

Thanks so much,