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Coffee Roaster & Bakery

Stretch Goals:
1,500 supporters: Custom art stickers for the gallery!
2.500 supporters: Custom stickers for all the signs and doors!
5,000 supporters: A barista minifigure that's making a drink behind the bar!
7,500 supporters: A series of minifigures that's having a great day at the coffee shop!

Welcome to your neighborhood Coffee Roaster & Bakery! Come and enjoy a hot cup of fresh roasted coffee, a delicious baked treat, and put your feet up with a game or today's news or sit outside under the heat lamps!

Downstairs you'll see:
  • the coffee shop with espresso maker, pastry case, cash register, dishes, and a condiment bar
  • cozy indoor seating
  • an art gallery—just waiting for art, see the stretch goals!
  • game & reading materials
  • heated outdoor seating area
  • a bike rack

Upstairs, you'll find:
  • the coffee roaster
  • raw beans as well as beans of different roasts in bags ready to be shipped
  • a great office space with a lamp, computer, pens, and a bulletin board
  • a water dispenser
  • a cozy couch nook in the bay window
  • the restroom with sink and a magazine rack

Architectural details include:
  • a new bay window
  • various window awning treatments
  • a balcony
  • flower box designs
  • a roof with dormers
  • back stairs
  • various window details
  • masonry details

New updates have been made based on great feedback I received, and more are coming!

Please support the build and tell your friends—I look forward to pouring you a cup of LEGO coffee in the Coffee Roaster & Bakery!

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