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Rearrangable Megalovania Battle

The Description

This set will give you anything but a bad time. Experience building this iconic scene in one of the most influential video games in history!

And what would be better in this transforming fight than being able to arrange the scene however you want. Even with a simple design, you can arrange this in many different ways!

With a sleek and modern design, this set is made to be played with and displayed! And what's that? It's Sans standing on top. On the back is an alternate design featuring an arrangement of hearts.

The Inspiration

Undertale is such an influential game, with its creativity inspiring many aspiring creators to do something unique. The characters were so filled with personality that you couldn't help but love each and every single one of them.

I was one such person, playing Undertale while still in my teens. Even if I couldn't beat it then, it's a blast to play. I loved and still love Undertale and want to show my love with this set.

And if you love Undertale and want to show it, support this and feel a surge of determination.

Total Parts: 466

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