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Blacktron Scouttrax


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A little story video of this project: 

How this project started.

This project started by trying to make a cool innovative steering technique with LEGO Technic. The steering technique that I was trying to recreate was something I had seen on TV. The basic idea is that when a wheeled vehicle goes into a corner, the main cabin will lean into the corner, a bit like a motorcycle. This style of steering has many benefits for high speed vehicles. For one, the g-forces on the driver and passengers are much more pleasant. But it also helps a lot with getting better traction on the road. Normal vehicles that take a corner will experience a fictional sideways force which actually is just inertia. In order for a car to overcome that inertia it has to have enough traction. However a vehicle with the style of steering I used, actually uses that inertia to create additional downforce and traction, thereby increasing the velocity that can be used in a corner. I had a hard time creating something that didn't only function well in theory but also in the real world. But when I finally made something that worked I had to think of a theme.

Why I chose the Blacktron theme.

For some reason or another, when I had to think of a theme for this vehicle, Blacktron came to mind, and it seemed like the perfect fit. I have been a fan of Blacktron since I got my first Blacktron set (6941) back in 1987. And I have long had the ambition to make my own cool fast dangerous looking Blacktron vehicle. This vehicle seems to tick all the boxes to make it a great Blacktron set. It is fast, it has some awesome features and I think it looks pretty cool and dangerous as well. I would love it if this submission would help in some way to reboot the Blacktron theme. But I would equally love it if I managed to just inspire some people to start making their own Blacktron creations. 

Set Design.

Should this proposal makes it to set design, cost will be a factor to consider. If it proves necessary to cut cost, I would start by omitting the front and rear PF L motors. It should be possible to power this creation with 2 or 3 PF motors: a medium or servo motor for steering and one XL motor or two large motors to propel it. It should also be possible to make the set as a whole a bit smaller. The steering mechanism can be modified several ways without changing the way it functions. I'd be happy to share my thoughts on that.    
Thank you for your time.