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Medieval Peddler



I want to thank everybody who voted and shared this creation! Now we passed the first milestone and archieved time extension, that`s awesome! THANK YOU!!  Please don`t stop to share this project, maybe we can go much further.

I thought about changing the skin color of the female peddler and I think the flesh color gives the figure a fresh look. If you want to know who those 2 guys on the pic are, just click the picture! :)


Nearing the First Milestone

Hello everybody!

Thank you all for your support, comments and helpful feedback! We are close to the first milestone, just a little more support is needed. Please keep it up and share! :)


Update #6: Fifth Part of the Medieval Village

The medieval village has grown again! The Ruins Hidout is specially related to the Medieval Peddler, so please take a look! :)

To visit the project please click on the picture.


Update #5: Improvement

I just realized, that the connection to the carriage and pair would not work that way. Now everything works how it`s supposed to be.

Thanks to all the supporters so far! :)


Fourth part of the Medieval Village

The medieval village has grown! To visit Medieval Blacksmith & Armory, please click on the picture.


Update #3: 400+

Medieval Peddler has gathered 400+ supports in about two weeks! Thank you for this great response. Please keep watching for updates and upcoming projects.

Please take a look at those awesome creations by ootkaman:


Update #2: Medieval Village

This project is the third part of my medieval series. It´s time to present all my medieval projects so far, side by side. But more will come! Thank you so much for all the early supports and carrying the project into the Popular this Week section!

To visit my project page, please click on the picture.

To check my collaborative project with BuildFiend, please click here!


Update #1: Bigger wheels

Thank you for the great start of this project! Some thoughts about the size of the wheels came up, thanks to krisandkris for the input. I changed the wheel size to a bigger version. Because of the different undercarriage I had to change the connection to the carriage and pair. Some improvements of that will come.

Please check out the fantastic version of a Peddler´s Wagon by ootkaman too!


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