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Logitech G502 HERO

This one is special, pretty sure many of you uses this mouse right now!
Yes its a Logitech G502 HERO!
Of course the design of this mouse is a bit strange with it's patterns and such.
This LEGO set has all its own components.

I came up with this idea while searching for a new mouse, and then i saw this one and i was thinking, lets go for it and make one in LEGO!

Clickbait info:
So, let's see the details. First off we have the cable attach on the front, the 2 clicker buttons (right + left), the scroller made of silver coloured bricks, some other smaller silver buttons on top of it, the Logitech glowing logo (transparent blue), that can also be seen on the left side of the mouse (triangle brick) and as well as other silver buttons under it.
There are many buttons on this mouse in real life, so much to take in!

I think this idea is a great thing for adults to build, as well as older / younger people.
Since many uses this mouse worldwide, i think this will give a clickbait ;)

Logitech G502 HERO by Logitech
Idea created by Cronibet

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