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The Spooky House

There is a mysterious place hidden behind the hill just next to the old cementary. It is said that you may see ghosts there and every night the baby is crying. If you are brave enough you can quietly sneak up and wait until you see them: the strange family that lives in The Spooky House. If you watch them long enough you will know that Dad reads magazines and books about potion making, Mum always holds Baby and grows strange plants on the roof of the house, Doughter feeds her spider with black blossoms, Son never smiles but is always accompanied by quirky dog who never barks.

The Spooky House is comprised of:
  • the basement (with a skeleton brrrr...)
  • first floor with potions, plants and some other weird stuff
  • second floor with library, desk, the very old claret curtain and some boxes with unknown content
  • the room on the roof, held by two broomsticks, with some mixtures and gold
  • the roof with plants
Some features of the Spooky House:
  • each floor can be easily detached and opened from behind
  • the chains holds the mobile back walls
  • there are two opened windows on the back walls
  • the gate is hold by a bone but can be easily opened
Feel free to come and visit the Spooky House... Unless you are afraid...

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