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LEGO City Zoo

The LEGO City line has had Police sets, Fireman sets, Hospital sets, Coast Guard sets, Farm sets, etc. But the one thing that it hasn't had is a Zoo set.

The LEGO City Zoo set would feature 2 Zebras, made from the current Horse mold, 2 Monkeys, updated with new printing from the old molds, an Elephant, also with updated printing, and a Polar Bear. With this selection of animals, we get 2 new animals, and 2 updated ones without having to use any new molds.

However, if new molds are a possibility, the set could possibly include a Lion, Tiger, Rhinoceros, or Giraffe.

To go with these animals, the set would include some mounds of ice and snow, a tree and monkey bars, 2 food troughs, and easel, and some food for each animal.

The set would also include some fencing, a small cart, a small cage which fits a parrot, and an entrance. Along with two Zookeepers and a few guests.

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