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RoboBlu And RoboJewel


These are my 2 OC's RoboBlu and RoboJewel. They are characters from my DeviantArt page and I decided to build them out of lego. RoboBlu is a modified version of Blu from Rio with Godzilla-like Dorsal plates on his back. And RoboJewel is a modified version of Jewel from Rio only with a little wind key to make her into a robot. I was planning to add RoboBlu's crest of Space Godzilla and his MechaGodzilla cannons but I couldn't seem to find a decent location while the head was too small to make even a small crest. The reason I did this is because I wanted to take my favorite OC characters that I made and bring them to life via lego since I've always dreamed of having my characters in the real world. I was going to feature the T. Rex, Raptor Blue, and Indoraptor in the original idea but was sadly scrapped.

The reason I think people will like this set is because of how two family friendly Spix macaws are upgraded to something that kids will enjoy. Another reason people might enjoy this is because with Blu, fans of Godzilla and Rio will recognize that RoboBlu has parts of Godzilla and the kids can use their imagination to simulate awesome adventures!

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