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Rebel Landspeeder Squad


This is the rebel landspeeder strike squad! This set idea comes with the all new dual engine land-speeder, a speeder bike and a cart with refills for the blasters on each vehicle! It also comes with two rebels to pilot each vehicle! The dual engine landspeeder has two spring-loaded shooters as well as four flick-missiles. It has a cockpit that can fit one minifigure snugly and a sturdy design that makes it easy to play with. It also has easily detachable engines. The speeder bike comes with two stud blasters and can seat one minifigure. Finally, the cart with refills comes with four spring loaded shooter missiles and boxes of studs for the stud blasters! This cart also has wheels. 


Build Info: This set has 362 pieces and would be for ages 7-14. It includes three Lego models, a dual engine landspeeder, a speeder bike, and a cart with blaster refills. This is not a hard build, but would require concentration.

This project has two minifigures, a rebel with a red pilot suit and a rebel with an orange pilot suit, to ride the two vehicles.

Thank you for viewing this project and thanks for all your support.

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