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The Library

This set idea is a library with two walls open and no roof so you can see and interact with it as easily as possible! The back wall is mostly filled with a bookshelf that includes multi-colored books on three shelves and a ladder so figures can get books on higher shelves. There is also a newspaper hanging above a desk next to the shelf, and on it is an inkpot with a quill and a letter.
The other wall has windows in it with a long desk underneath it with inkpots, quills, paper, and letters on it. There is also a bit of decoration above the window to make the build look more complete. There are various maps and newspapers hanging on this wall as well to make it more interesting to look at.

There is a checking desk in the open corner that includes two checking stands with computer monitors, keyboards, and keypads, and a pile of books that a person is checking out. all surfaces are tiled unless something is sitting there, and the floor has jumper plates on the floor for figures to stand on. It is 18 studs long, 16 studs deep, and 13 bricks tall.
I built this because I wanted to try to build something with a bookshelf made with Lego, and I think this would be a great Lego set because it is a great display piece and it is small enough to fit anywhere, and it was fun to build!

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