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REAL Video Arcade Game


This is a Video Game Machine that looks like an Arcade style.

As the word 'REAL' was used in the title, it is not just the appearance of arcade games, but it is actually possible to play video games. :)

All video games was coded in the official Mindstorms EV3 language.

The shape can make you feel like you're playing a real arcade game.

All games are able to be played using this controller.

This arcade machine serves (below) 3 games. Also, other games are being made and will be served.

First,  RACE KING, a racing game.
I designed this myself from the planning to the SW coding  

Second,  ANGRY CANNON, a cannon shooting game.

It is another simple game I created myself.
Watching the shells flying in a curve makes me nervous. :)

Finally, TETRIS, a classic game
Everyone has played this game at least once.
I think it doesn't need any explanation. ;)

Do you have Mindstorms EV3?
Then, you can enjoy retro classic games like above !!

Thank you for watching my idea ~

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