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The ride is made of 291 bricks & features 8 different types of vehicle - a train, a tractor, a rocket ship, a dinghy, a fire engine, a quad bike, a car & a horse. I have included 6 minifigures - a ride operator, a boy purchasing a ticket, mum & dad (with dad taking a picture) & two children on the ride. The ticket kiosk features a till & a lever to operate the ride.

The funfair environment is perfect for LEGO & presents the opportunity to bring together lots of LEGO themes such as pirates, space, western & super heroes. I already have lots of ideas for other rides & attractions and I hope this model might inspire a whole LEGO funfair theme!

I hope you like it & give it your support.

A better view of the tractor, rocket ship, quad bike & car

Inside the ticket kiosk

Actual build 1

Actual build 2

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