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Classic Scrabble

Hi there, thank you for checking out my idea. This is a project that I've wanted to build for a couple of years now. For a while, I worked for a word game website, which was when the idea to create Scrabble out of LEGO took shape. After playing around with how I wanted it to look, I've finally developed a build that looked the best.

This LEGO Scrabble board is based on various classic wooden boards. Many of my favorite designs for Scrabble boards also feature ways to lock the tiles in place, which is something I wanted to emulate here while still making it quick and easy to remove the tiles using a brick separator.

LEGO and Scrabble, given their aesthetics and emphasis on smart and creative play, seem like the perfect pairing. The more I worked on this design, the more I realized the collaboration should move beyond being a design and become a set.

Current designs specifications:

Total Parts: 451

Width: 44 Studs
Length 32 Studs
Height: 3.2 Studs

Weight: 22.608 Oz.

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