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The SeaSide Hotel


Welcome to the SeaSide Hotel!

The SeaSide Hotel is the best in all of LEGO World! Minifigures can have some food in the lobby and sleep in a comfortable bed to get ready for the next busy day.


  • Fully-functional lobby, with room keys and a pizza counter. 
  • Also, includes a seating area and a wall for the room keys.
  • All 4 of the normal-sized rooms have a nightstand and lamp, they also have a shower and in-the-wall storage.
    • Two of the normal-sized rooms have a double bed (for the adults) and a single child bed.
    • The other two normal-sized rooms have a double bed (for the adults) and a double child bed.
  • 1 Fully-Equipped Suite featuring a triple bed for the adults and a double bed for the children, also features a large walk-in shower and toilet. The main room also includes a comfy chair and TV.
  • Each floor includes a balcony with tables and chairs.
  • Welcome sign out front.
  • 3 Staff members with name tags.
  • Plenty of Minifigures guests.

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